We get sport from the inside.

Our resources are specially designed for Christians active in competitive sport. Find what you need here, put it into practice, and watch God at work.

E63 - John Bostock, Ballers in God

The player who started a movement

E62 - Jennifer Tait, The International Volleyball Player

From the Volleyroos to Bible college

E61 - Alison Nicholas, The Solheim Cup Captain

Thoughts from a US Open Winner and Solheim Cup winning captain

E60 - Garin Jenkins, The Welsh Rugby World Cup Player

Danno chats to a three-time Rugby World Cup player.

E59 - Bertie Kennedy, The Cricket Performance Analyst

Insights from a top-level cricket analyst

E58 - Fanie van der Merwe, The Paralympic Sprinting Champion

Thoughts from a multiple Paralympic gold medallist

E57 - Rosie Woodbridge, eating disorders and high performance sport

The mental and physical impact of eating disorders in sport

E56 - Matthew Joseph, The Arsenal Coach

Thoughts from a top-level academy football coach

E55 - Anastasia Chitty, the Team GB rower

Reflections from an elite rower who chose not to do the Olympics

E54 - Steve Stenstrom, the NFL quarterback

Reflections from a former NFL quarterback

Ep. 53 - Karen Kennedy, former Irish Hockey international

Karen reflects on her international career and now parenting sporty youngsters

Ep. 52 - Michael Johnson, England Football Coach

Thoughts from a top-level football coach.

Ep. 51 - Fran Clarkson, England Lionesses' Physio

Reflections from a top-level physiotherapist

Ep. 50 - Nick Ferraby, International T20 Cricketer turned pastor

Sixes, wickets & witness in professional cricket the T20 World Cup special.

Ep. 49 - Tom Bates, Performance Psychologist: Killing the EGO

Insights from a top-level sports psychologist

Ep. 48 - Jake Peacock: Mixing Muay Thai Boxing with Christian Faith

How can you be a Christian and a fighter?

Ep. 47 - Suzanne Ferreira: Coach to paralympians

Suzanne Ferreira was won over 70 medals through the athletes she coaches at the Paralympic Games, World Championships and more. In this podcast she speaks to us about her coaching philosophy and how her faith impacts how she trains elite athletes.

Ep. 46 - Anna Tipton: Paralympian goal-ball player

Danno sits down with goalball player Anna Tipton (nee Sharkey) about elite sport, the Paralympics and how her faith shapes how she views her sport and disability.

How can I deal with disappointment in my sport? | with Adam Pengilly and Debbie Flood

How can I deal with disappointment well?

It's a problem we all face if we're involved in sport - the inevitable failures and injury that come with the competition. How can we deal with them as Christians? What comfort does God offer in these times of extreme disappointment?

Ep. 45 - James Hope-Gill: Skateboard GB and the Olympic Games

The CEO of Skateboard GB, James Hope-Gill joins us today, on the day Sky Brown won bronze at Tokyo 2020 to become the youngest ever British medallist.

Ep. 44 - Ashley Null: Olympic chaplain | Pastoring elite athletes

Five-time Olympic chaplain Dr Ashley Null joins the podcast to unpack his experience of pastoring athletes.

Ep. 43 - Christian Taylor: Olympic triple-jump champion | The man who helped postpone the Olympics

Christian Taylor, two-time Olympic and four-time World Champion join us to speak about the Athletics Association, a newly formed body looking out for the interests of track and field athletes.

Ep. 42 - Michael Johnson: England football coach | Football, leadership and race

England U21s coach Michael Johnson joins us to speak a few days after Euro 2020 about diversity, leadership and how his faith impacts his coaching and roles in senior leadership within football.

Ep. 41 - Gavin Peacock: From Pitch to Pundit to Pulpit

We sat down with Gavin Peacock, former professional footballer and pundit and now a pastor to discuss his story found in his recently released his autobiography.

Ep. 40 - Andrew Wingfield Digby: The Cricketing Vicar

The Rev. Andrew Wingfield Digby is with us today in a special podcast hosted by Hit for Six.

Ep. 39 - Donnie Campbell: Ultra runner

Donnie Campbell is a mountain and ultra runner who has taken on some of the world's hardest challenges. He sat down with Lancs to chat about his sport and more about what it means for him to be a Christian in his world of sport.

How do we deal with referees and officials? | with Pete Browne and Graham Daniels

How should I treat officials and referees?

How on earth does a Christian navigate the hot topic of referees and officials? What does this look like at the top end of sport when everything is on the line?

Ep. 38 - Michael Bennett: Director of Player Welfare at the PFA | The Mask

This Mental Health Awareness Week we sit down with Director of Player Welfare at the PFA, Michael Bennett.

How do we cope with pressure in sport?

How can I handle pressure in a godly way?

Ali Nicholas and Debbie Bruwer get pressure. Listen in as they tell us how they coped with nerves and pressure at the top of their sports.

What are you top tips for going to university?

Starting uni

Joe and Rhi join us to tell us all about their experiences of starting university as a Christian who loves sport.

Ep. 37 - Stephen Liggins: The Good Sporting Life

We sat down with Stephen Liggins, author of a new book 'The Good Sporting Life' about why he wrote the book and some of the major themes he pulls out.

Identity formation and performance in top level sport

Danno is interviewed by Pete Nicholas about elite sport, identity and mental health. This includes a Q+A.

Ep. 35 - Bruce Dyer and Bobby Hassell: A conversation about racism in professional football

Danno sits down with Bruce Dyer and Bobby Hassell as we speak about racism in professional football and the proactive steps Barnsley Football Club have taken to address the issue.

Ep. 34 - Having good mental fitness: Mental Health Awareness Week

How is the gospel good news for those in sport suffering with mental health concerns?

Ep. 33 - Faith on the sidelines as a parent of elite sporting children

Our latest podcast looks at the relationships involved in being a parent of a sporty child - coaches, other parents and the rest of the family - and what it looks like to speak of Jesus on the sidelines.

Thinking about pride in sport

How do I deal with pride as a sportsperson?

Former rugby professional Peter Browne and badminton player Lisa Elliott join us to discuss pride as a sportsperson.

Ep. 32 - Libby Pigott: University footballer | Fat chillis and gospel chats

Dialogue Dinners

Mike Harris chats with Libby, a university footballer, about why she's made made a habit of making food and inviting her teammates to come and hear about Jesus.

Should a Christian be competitive?

What does the Bible say about winning?

Can I be competitive and a Christian? Is competition wrong? What about wanting to win? Do you lose your competitive edge as a Christian? We’ve been asked all these questions and more so Graham Daniels is in to help us get under the skin of some of them.

Ep. 31 - How the Bible went viral in a rugby club

Why should I read the Bible with a sports friend?

Dave and Mike speak about the amazing story of what God did in one rugby club through a series of Bible studies which went viral in the team.

Ep. 30 - The joy of being a sporty Christian family

If you want an expert in dealing with the ups and downs of having children on elite performance pathways, here's your woman. Graham Daniels sits down with mother of four Sally.

Why don’t we put famous sportspeople in the public eye?

Jonny Reid interviews Graham Daniels, the General Director of Christians in Sport about the principles behind our decision and how that plays out in practice.

Why should I reach the world of sport for Christ?

Graham Daniels and Jonny Reid look at why Christians in Sport exists - to reach the world of sport for Jesus, and what encouragement Jesus gives as we go and do it!

Ep. 29 - A parent's wrestle with Sunday Sport

We sit down with Gaynor this week, a parent of top-level teenagers to chat about the wrestle she's had with her family on the issue of sport and church.

Should I play sport on a Sunday?

We sit down with Rev. Pete Nicholas to discuss the question of Sunday sport and church in our latest podcast.

Ep. 28 - Peter Browne: Professional rugby player

Danno interviews former professional rugby union player Peter Browne about his career and his faith.

How do I deal with socials and initiations in my sports team?

How can I navigate the sports culture with integrity?

We chat with three university students about living as a Christian on a night out.

What does the Bible say about sport?

How do sport and faith fit together?

Graham Daniels and Jonny Reid look at a very simple question - What does the bible actually have to say about sport?

Ep. 27 - Paul Brush: West Ham footballer | Dealing with on and off field pain in elite sport

Danno sits down with former West Ham footballer Paul Brush to chat about his career and faith in the midst of adversity

Ep. 26 - Steve Spooner: Football journeyman and Birmingham City coach

An inspirational interview with former professional footballer Steve Spooner

Ep. 25 - Wayne Jacobs: Bradford City legend | Why being a Christian doesn't make you soft

An interview with former Bradford City legend, Wayne Jacobs

Ep. 24 - Gavin Peacock: Newcastle and Chelsea midfielder

An interview with former Premier League footballer Gavin Peacock

Ep. 23 - Debbie Flood: The unexpected pain of retirement

Danno chats to former rower Debbie Bruwer (née Flood), whose 15-year international career included two Olympic silver medals and three World titles. Like all the former athletes we’ve featured in this series, retirement was far from a smooth process for Debbie

Ep. 22 - Chris Jones and Adam Pengilly: Identity in the midst of retirement

Danno chats to former rugby wildman turned youth coach Chris Jones and ex-Winter Olympian Adam Pengilly about retirement. Chris talks about trying to fill a void in his life left behind by rugby, while for Adam, it was easy to think that part of his identity had disappeared

Ep. 21 - Alison Nicholas: The retirement question

Danno chats to former professional golfer Alison Nicholas about her retirement. Although she achieved great success on the course with 18 tournament wins, Alison found the transition to life after golf far harder than she expected

Ep. 20 - Linvoy Primus: Dealing with retirement as a professional footballer

Having played more than 400 professional matches over a 17-year career, Linvoy shares some of the challenges he faced in making the transition to life after football and offers advice to elite athletes approaching retirement today

Ep. 19 - Adam Pengilly: Winter Olympian | The danger of worshipping your sport

Danno dives into the adrenaline-filled world of skeleton to meet Adam Pengilly. In this gripping podcast, Adam shares the highs and lows of a career that saw him represent Team GB at Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010

Ep. 18 - Debbie Flood: Selfless leadership in an Olympic boat

Danno catches up with double Olympic silver medallist and three-time world champion Debbie Flood. As well as her successful career on the water, Debbie’s leadership skills saw her become the first ever female captain of the world famous Leander Club

Ep. 17 - Alison Nicholas: Sleepless nights as the Solheim Cup captain

Danno catches up with former US Open champion and victorious Solheim Cup captain Alison Nicholas. From the outset, Alison shares how Christian faith has shaped her leadership at the pinnacle of her sport

Ep. 16 - Chris Jones: Coaching as a Christian at the House of Pain

Danno catches up again with former rugby wildman turned youth coach Chris Jones. The podcast sees Chris share how he learned to coach in the hard but fair style that has brought his Rhondda Valley teams great success

Why should elite Christian athletes get stuck into church?

Why should Christian athletes at the top level get stuck into church? Having met a series of elite sportspeople over the course of the year, we now discuss another key issue that comes out of many of the interviews

Ep. 15 - Val Gin: American volleyball and softball coach | Mentoring the next generation

A professor of kinesiology at Gordon College, Massachusetts, Val Gin was a successful women’s volleyball and softball coach for 13 years before changing her focus to training coaches of the future

Ep. 14 - Ann O'Flynn: England women's rugby international

Ann tells Danno of her highs and lows on the rugby stage from reaching the World Cup final to missing out on the next tournament due to injury

Ep. 13 - Chris Jones: Welsh rugby hard-man | Banned for life twice

Danno meets wildman turned inspirational youth coach Chris Jones. Although a Welsh junior international, Chris was soon far better known for his violent antics off the field, which earned him the dubious honour of being banned for life twice

Ep. 12 - Darren Moore: Premier League footballer and experienced manager

Danno meets former West Brom, Derby and Portsmouth defender Darren Moore

Ep. 11 - Niel Louw: South African Paralympian | Running amidst adversity

An accident at 16 years old saw Niel have his left arm amputated below the shoulder. Having been a keen athlete and rugby and tennis player, his promising sporting career looked in doubt...

Ep. 10 - Jane Powell: England cricket and hockey player

Having played badminton, hockey and cricket for England, Jane Powell is now helping her country's lacrosse teams rise up the rankings. Hear Jane tell of her walk with Jesus through 40 years of top-level sport

Ep. 9 - Adriano Medeiros: Brazilian motoracer

Adriano is a motor racer, now himself racing with his own ‘Jesus Saves’ team in the UK in the Classic Formula Ford Championship. Having grown up as a motor racing mad youngster near the Interlagos track in Sao Paolo, he is now looking to use the sporting gifts he has been given to make Jesus known

Ep. 8 - Life in the Olympic Village w/ Debbie Flood and Adam Pengilly

As the Rio Olympics get under way today, ex-athletes Debbie Flood and Adam Pengilly tell us what it is like to compete at the games

Can you be an elite sportsperson and a Christian?

Having met a series of elite sportspeople over the course of the year, we now discuss this key issue that comes out of many of the interviews. Maybe it’s something you’re asking yourself as you seek to follow Jesus or are considering doing so?

Ep. 7 - Parys Edwards: South African triathlete and physio

Parys Edwards has competed at the top level in two different sports over a 20-year career that is still going strong.

Ep. 6 - Andy Sinton: Playing football for England | The need for mental toughness

Andy Sinton is a former professional footballer with 12 England caps to his name, including an appearance at Euro 1992. In conversation with Graham Daniels, he tells us about how he got selected for Euro 1992 and what it’s like being a Christian in the dressing room

Ep. 5 - Alison Nicholas: Major golf winner and Solheim Cup Captain

Alison Nicholas is a British golfer who reached the pinnacle of the sport as both a player and then later on as the captain of a victorious Solheim Cup team in 2011. In a fascinating interview she talks about what it looks like to be a successful leader and coach and how her faith has helped her throughout her golfing career

Ep. 4 - Linvoy Primus: Pompey Premier League legend

Linvoy Primus played professional football for 16 years including nine years for Portsmouth where he became a cult hero. In a wide ranging conversation with Graham Daniels, he talks about life as a professional footballer

Ep. 3 - Garin Jenkins: Welsh rugby's hard man

Garin Jenkins is a Welsh rugby union player capped 58 times by his country. In this podcast, he tells us about his battle with misdirected passion and aggression and how is growing faith remained steady in some massive ups and downs

Ep. 2 - Debbie Flood: Olympic rower

Danno meets Olympic rower Debbie Flood as she narrates her unlikely start in sport and how her faith has fundamentally impacted her life in a career full of highs and lows

Ep. 1 - Cyrille Regis: footballing legend and pioneer

Cyrille Regis is a former international footballer and FA Cup winner. In conversation with Graham Daniels, he reflects on a professional career spanning 19 years and shares how his faith has influenced his career and life