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‘God has my back on the pitch’: How Christianity is helping England players win games

Abigail Buchanan writes about the faith of England's men's football team in The Telegraph

What does it take to get to Paris?

Elation or crushing disappointment as Team GB's Olympic athletes are announced

Why do we care about the Euros more than the Election?

Why is sport's cultural significance greater than almost anything else?

The Tour de France and the ultimate endurance test

What the Tour de France is can tell us about the Christian life.

Performance is everything

And it's judgment day for England...

Dear Friend, it’s game day at the Euros

How can you cope with the pressure?

What we (and our children) need to remember at Sports Day

It's the biggest day of the year for many children... and their parents

No release - supporting pros out of contract

The world of professional sport offers little comfort to players amid contract negotiations despite this being an incredibly testing time.

Scottie Scheffler's not so secret weapon

How the Masters champion's faith transforms his performance

Should I smoke to have gospel conversations with my teammates?

Your teammates head to the smoking area, what do you do?

Klopp’s decision raises important questions for elite sport

The treadmill of professional sport leaves little room to rest.

Unwrapping Joy

What a cricket bat taught me about Christmas

The thing we all get wrong about sport

A story as old as time itself

Gone are the glory days?

Why stay involved in adult competitive sport?

Why are sportspeople superstitious?

Reflections ahead of a huge weekend for the Rugby World Cup

How the Ryder Cup shows sport is always better in a team

Why team golf gives us a glimpse of God's design for sport

The huddle every Christian sportsperson needs

Why church really matters for university students

How can I start well at university?

Starting uni

6 top tips for kicking off your time at university

6 tips as you move from University to the world of work


How to make the transition well

You are more than a football player

An open letter to players at the FIFA Women's World Cup

She is born to play

Delighting in an awesome summer of women's sport

Can god be glorified in violent sport?

Should Christians compete in combat sports?

How 'Bazball' gives a glimpse of sports true purpose

England’s cricket revolution shows us something about how sport was meant to be played.

What is Godly to wear in sport?


Does what you wear for sport really matter?

Does God love Luton more than Coventry?

Both winning and losing are gifts from God...really?

How Do I make the most of my last month at University?


How do I reach my teammates with the gospel as uni ends?

Why Easter Sunday is not like a great sporting comeback

It's even greater

Easter Saturday: Where is God when we wait?

Why the day Jesus stayed dead is good news for sportspeople

Good Friday: Where is God when it hurts?

Sport often hurts, where is God in the pain?

How can I glorify God in my sport?


What does it mean to 'give God the glory?'

It's not always easy to be a woman in sport

It’s not always easy to be a woman in sport. But do you know what? It’s worth it.

Jesus Saves Racing

“I can’t help you become a racing driver, but I can help you meet Jesus Christ.”

Should I use Strava?


Are activity-sharing apps helpful for Christians?

My eating disorder: Faith, sport and disordered eating

A personal and biblical reflection

How can I worship God with my sport when I'm not selected?


Wrestling with being benched every week

Can I really do "all things" in God's strength?


Is the Bible the place to find motivation for sporting pursuit and thus sporting greatness? Am I really able to do “all things” with the strength of God as my enabler?

How can I celebrate the wonder of Christmas when I'm constantly playing?


For pro athletes Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year.

It's not coming home

A Psalm for the hurting

Coping with the pressure of playing at a World Cup

Dear Friend, it’s Game Day in the World Cup.

How can we respond to Qatar hosting the World Cup?

How can God's word shape the way we respond to a controversial tournament?

An open letter to those not selected for the FIFA World Cup

Where is God amidst serious disappointment in sport?

How do I maintain healthy family relationships whilst supporting my child in elite sport?

Supporting children in elite sport can be really tough on families

Should I wear rainbow laces?


What principles can guide our approach?

Should I have reservations about sports psychology?


Is it OK for a Christian athlete to see a sports psychologist?

How do I approach sports team initations?


How much should I get involved? Should I even go?

How can I start well at a new sports club?


Four top tips when joining a new team.

What Rafa Nadal's tears tell us about the nature of competition

It is one of the most visceral images in sport you will ever see.

Does God care if I win or lose?


AskCIS is your chance to have your questions about sport and faith answered. This week we're looking at whether God cares about winning or losing in sport.

The blood that speaks

60% of women report that their period affects their performance in sport yet the world of sport is almost silent on this issue. But the Bible is not...

This match does not define you

It’s the biggest match of your lives. It’s the match you’ve been building up to for years. But it’s a match that doesn't define you.

100 Nights in a hotel room...

Three encouragements from the book of Daniel for when sport takes you away from home.

Ben Stokes, LIV golf and five subs in football…an unlikely commonality

What have Ben Stokes' retirement, LIV golf and the introduction of five subs in football got in common? It's all about work... and rest.

There and back again. A story of faith and football in Aberdeen

At 2am, in a Glasgow nightclub, Dougie was out with his university football team when he asked Campbell, his teammate, whether he could go to church with him on Sunday...

Our Father is unlike any earthly father

Our Father does not need us to win. Our Father does not need us to make him look good. Our Father doesn’t shame us into working hard. No. We have a Father unlike any other.

What have we learnt about retirement from elite sport?

What have we learnt about retirement over years of working with elite athletes and how does the Bible shape our thinking?

What does the ascension have to do with sport?

40 days after Easter Christians remember and celebrate Jesus ascending into heaven. But what on earth does this have to do with sport? Why is the ascension good news for sportspeople?

The dangers of exercise addiction

As sportspeople, our relationship with sport and exercise shapes how we live. Training, competing and socialising with sports friends might well take up the bulk of your time, but have you ever stopped to think about your relationship with exercise itself?

Why church is so important for sportspeople

Three reasons the local church is so good for sportspeople.

He performed - so you don't have to

Your value, your worth does not lie in what you have done, or what you will do, on and off the sports field.

The trainee vicar who rowed in The Boat Race

Every September forty trialists line up at Oxford University Boat Club for their shot at ticking off one of rowing’s hottest bucket list items – victory at The Boat Race. This year one of those hopefuls was Chris Rimmer, a Vicar in training at Wycliffe Hall.

Inclusion, fairness and transgender athletes in women’s sport

The inclusion of transgender athletes in women's sport is a prominent debate. The sporting world is re-evaluating the balance of fairness and inclusion in competitive sport. As Christians in the world of sport it's important to understand how the Bible helps inform how we engage in this conversation.

The postpartum story I want to be able to tell you...

That is the story I want to be able to tell you. I guess that’s what I imagined my story would be. Maybe it’s yours. But it’s not mine. That’s not my story.

In the race: Will's story

"My main reflection was that it’s so exciting to follow Jesus, it’s thrilling when we take seriously the truth that we are completely secure in him and so we’re free to take risks."

Why are sportspeople so superstitious?


Whether it’s putting kit on in a certain order, always getting changed in the same place or having to enter the pitch last - sport is full of quirky routines. So why is it that sport is full of superstition? Can we look at the make-up of the world to find out? Does the Bible have any answers for us?

Locked Down - But Not Out

What does it mean to be a Christian in Sport during a lockdown that takes sport away? University of Exeter trampolinist, Natalya, shares her story.

Should Christian sportspeople boycott events in controversial places?


What is the Christian competitor to do when they are being sent to countries accused of human rights abuses?

Who Are You?

What does it mean to have your identity in Christ? How does this change the way we play sport?

The Gospel tonic to cricket’s racism woes

Racism in cricket has caused sports headlines to jump from the back pages to the front in recent weeks, as the state of the game comes under intense, and necessary scrutiny. How can we respond rightly?

Living and speaking for Jesus in the world of goalball

Anna Tipton (nee Sharkey) helps us understand what it's like to be a Christian in the Paralympic sport of goalball

Dear Olympian...

A letter to all Olympians as they prepare to experience the rollercoaster of the Olympic Games.

A letter to the mourning

Olympic squads are being finalised. What can you say to someone who has worked 4 years to not get the call up?

Agony and ecstasy at the Olympic trials

This weekend saw the thrill of the British Olympic trials. The ecstasy and the agony of sport was palpable as athletes saw years of training for one plane ticket decided by centimetres and seconds. What help can God bring at times like this?

Strava: friend or foe?

Last year Lancs took his first steps to discovering the virtual pulls and mysterious pushes of Strava. Nearly 12 months on, what’s the verdict? Strava - friend or foe?

A letter to my body

For long years I could not conceive of conceiving because of what it would mean for my body and my sport. But, my body, don’t you see that something wonderful is happening to you?

Good news in a sporting year full of bad news

In a year full of sporting difficulties, how can a Christian say they have joy this Christmas?

Preparation is everything

Preparation and waiting. The majority of sport is spent in these two states. This time of advent for the Christian sportsperson is no different. So what does it look like to prepare well this Christmas time?

Handling welcome drinks and socials

Starting uni

What should I do? How much is enough? Should I get involved or not?

Serving the world of elite sport

Ever wondered what our work with elite athletes consists of? Men’s golf worker Kenny Crawford helps us step into the world of staff supporting and serving those in elite sport with the gospel.

Cricket is back!

As recreational cricket returns, Rob reflects on why he loves to play cricket and be part of a team, as the only Christian in his club.

Three big questions for God

With the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought us sports people it’s inevitable that we’ve asked questions of our life, our faith and of our God.

Life as a mother of a sport-mad family

Sally and her husband Peter have four children, all of whom have competed and trained within elite sporting pathways. What are some of her top tips for those supporting a sporty family?

Sunday Sport: The Church Leader's Perspective

In this Sunday Sport blog we chat to Ian Lancaster, one of the leaders of Town Church Bicester, to break down how he haa approached the tension of sport and church.

Gems from Jane Powell

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, be encouraged by some key lessons from the career of Christian and international coach and sportswoman Jane Powell.

Retirement, identity and mental health in elite sport

A recent article in the Daily Mail outlined the large number of British athletes struggling with mental health problems following their retirement. Speaking with UCB Radio on this topic, here is a summary of our conversation.

Inside the scrum: the world of an elite rugby player

What’s it like on the inside the elite environment of top level sport? How would it be to seek to play for Jesus in the world of pro rugby?

Five resolutions for a Christian sportsperson

As a New Year rolls around again, we go back to the 18th century for some inspiration.

A letter to my former student self

Starting uni

Three university graduates write to their former fresher selves about making the most of university.

Eliud Kipchoge and the race of life

Kipchoge's amazing sub two-hour marathon was an amazing feat and one which cannot help but let our minds wander to Hebrews 12 and the call to "run the race."

Running the race of evangelism

Distance runner Gill Bland reflects on her experience of individual sport and faith, and how she has grown in courage evangelising to fellow runners.

4 tips as you join a new club

How can we, as Christians in sport, make the most of the new opportunity joining a club provides? Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28 to make disciples remains the same, but the place we are doing that, our club, has changed.

The identity battle in a performance dominated world

For a sportsperson, their identity, their sense of worth can be completely wrapped up in their performance. What does it then mean to have sport in its right place, to help our identity be solid and secure in Christ and not based on performance?

She's born to play

With the Women's World Cup, the Netball World Cup and loads more women's sporting events on this summer, there's a huge buzz around women's sport. In all this excitement, is this a bandwagon Christians should be jumping on?

The Cricket World Cup: Pressure to Perform

It’s been a rollercoaster to reach the final of the World Cup for England, with pressure from all sides. Pressure isn’t unique to Morgan’s squad - it’s universal across competitive sport, so how are Christians to respond in these clutch moments?

The greatest comeback

Sport's greatest comeback points to an even greater story.

Folau, Vunipola and the intolerance of the culture of tolerance

If you follow rugby at all then it couldn’t have escaped your attention that there’s been a furore around Israel Folau’s provocative Instagram post and then Billy Vunipola’s subsequent ‘like’ of the post and expression of support for it.

How do I share my faith with my friends?


What does it look like to fully integrate our faith and sport as we seek to encourage sportspeople to believe in Jesus?

How do I pray effectively for my sports friends?


Prayer is an essential feature of the Christian life and it is something we quickly turn to in times of trouble or when in need of guidance. So why do we often struggle to pray consistently?

How can I be competitive in a godly way?


Some of us change so much when we compete that we worry that we shouldn’t compete at all. How can we compete in a godly way in our sport?

How do I bring a sportsperson to hear the gospel proclaimed?


It’s good to look for every opportunity to speak of Jesus with our sports friends, and inviting them to events where a speaker will proclaim the gospel message can provide you with a good starting point to begin conversations.

How can I navigate the sports culture with integrity?


What does your behaviour in your sports club say about who you now are in Christ?

How do I explain the gospel?


One of the reasons we don’t share the gospel may be because we don’t really know it! Here's a helpful framework to help you explain it to a sports mate.

How do I initiate a conversation about Jesus?


Most of us find it easy to initiate a conversation about sport, but the prospect of speaking to a sports friend about Jesus can be daunting.

How do I point people to Jesus in the off-season?


With the season coming to an end, it’s time to rest and reflect on what has been. Yet a danger comes when we do the same with our faith and our willingness to share Jesus with our sports friends. How do we best approach the off-season as Christians?

How can I help my friend become a Christian?


It’s great when a sports friend wants to become a Christian, especially if this is off the back of reading the Bible with them. However, we want to make sure our sports friends are ready to take this commitment and fully understand what they are committing to.

How do we make disciples for Christ in the world of sport?


The world of sport is vast, but the majority do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. How do we go and speak to them?

How can I handle pressure in a godly way?


The pressure to perform in sport will have been felt by all of us at some point or other. Whether it is the pressure of a coach, a parent, the crowd. How do we handle pressure as Christians?

Why should I read the Bible with a sports friend?


God’s Word is powerful, and it will do His work in the lives of sportspeople. Our best thoughts, ideas or opinions, though useful, are still those of ourselves, of humans. They cannot compare to the Word of God in either power or influence.

How should I treat officials and referees?


In the heat of competition, we can react negatively both in what we say and in how we act towards an official who has penalised us or - in our eyes - acted unjustly. How are we to understand a godly attitude towards sports officials?

How can I deal with disappointment well?


There will always be disappointment in sport. But how we navigate these as Christians in competitive sport is an important witness to our faith in Christ.

What is our motivation for making disciples in the world of sport?


To make disciples of the vast world of sport is a huge challenge that can feel daunting and overwhelming. What’s our motivation for such a task?

How do I deal with pride as a sportsperson?


In sport, coaches, parents and other teammates can encourage us to be proud. Sometimes this is for encouragement but at other times it is done deliberately to inflate our ego. But how should I view my sporting talents and achievements as a Christian?

How do I act wisely amongst opponents?


Without opponents, our sport wouldn’t exist. But how do we love them as our neighbour rather than hate them as our enemy in opposition?

How do I answer the tough questions sportspeople ask?


When sportspeople ask questions, we want to try and do more than simply answer them and move on. Often there is something behind their initial question, motivating it or hiding a deeper heart issue. How can we answer them well?

How do I develop lasting friendships with sportspeople?


Our friends need to trust us if we are to expect them to explore questions of faith with us. In order to build this trust, alongside spending time with people, we need to be authentic in how we live our lives.

How do I share my story with a sports person?


We love to share good news. So why do we sometimes find it hard to share the Good News of the gospel?

Why is it essential for me to share my faith?


For many of us, we struggle to stand out consistently for Jesus Christ in our sports club. Sometimes we lose sight of the spiritual/eternal implications of knowing Jesus. Why should we share the Good News about Him?

What is my role in pointing sportspeople to Jesus?


What is our role and what is God's role in helping sportspeople come to know Jesus? Understanding your role is crucial as you look to speak and live for Jesus in your sport.

How do sport and faith fit together?


How is playing my sport different as a Christian?

How can I balance church and sport?


We are often caught between Sunday services and sporting events as, more and more, sport in our culture clashes with timings of church. How do we get the balance right?

Living distinctly in a body obsessed world

In our culture, our looks and our bodies and our diets seriously matter. How do we live distinctly as Christians in this world?

The Old Testament law and Sunday sport today

An open letter to one of our readers

What does the Bible say about sports psychology?

What does the Bible say about...

Psychology is a big deal in modern sport. From Steve Peters' now famous 'chimp paradox' to the in-house sports psychologists employed by many professional clubs. Now it is almost as common to have a therapist as it is a personal trainer. What are we to make of this from a Christian point of view?

The dilemma we can't ignore

Sport on a Sunday and the conversation parents and pastors need to have.

What does the Bible say about ambition?

What does the Bible say about...

How can I make the most of my sporting talent as a Christian? Can I strive to get to the top, while still following Jesus? `

What does the Bible say about the drinking culture?

What does the Bible say about...

You want to be part of the team on and off the field, but you know the alcohol might be flowing and getting drunk will be the name of the game. If you’re a follower of Jesus, how should you react?

What does the Bible say about injury?

What does the Bible say about...

There are few harder things to deal with in sport than injury. So how can we approach this perennial enemy as Christians in sport? What does the Bible say about injury?

Gospel growth in the beautiful game

It has been amazing to see how God has grown the work of supporting professional and elite-level footballers. Here, two members of our Performance Team explain how they are encouraging the next generation of UK footballers.

The Green Jacket

It has to be one of the most coveted prizes in sport, let alone golf...but it's a prize that is only temporary.

The call to radical sporting leadership

We can all think of great sporting captains and leaders. But what should it look like when a follower of Jesus steps up to lead?

What does the Bible say about fairness?

What does the Bible say about...

Sport has a love-hate relationship with justice and fairness. On one hand it cannot function without it, but so much debate circles around the many unfair decisions and outcomes. So what does the Bible say about fairness?

What does the Bible say about winning?

Bible Study: Colossians 3

The legendary American football coach Vince Lombardi once said “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is”. This might be overstated but have you ever had the nagging feeling that wanting to win is inherently ‘un-Christian’.

What does the Bible say about losing?

What does the Bible say about...

Should Christians be those who recite the old amateur mantra ‘It is not about the winning, but the taking part’? Does ‘turning the other cheek’ mean that we shouldn’t even want to win in the first place?

What does the Bible say about doping?

What does the Bible say about...

Turn to the back pages at the moment and it is difficult to get away from doping scandals. How as Christians should we think about these issues?

What does the Bible say about sport?

What does the Bible say about...

The Bible says lots of things...but what, if anything, does it say about sport?

Born to Play

A short film explaining the gospel for sportspeople

Finding practical solutions to the weekly tension of Sunday sport and Sunday church services

There’s no doubt that the tension between Sunday sport and Sunday church services is a significant problem for the church. How do we decide what to do? Well we need to be clear on the biblical principles at stake here.