Ep. 9 - Adriano Medeiros: Brazilian motoracer
Ep. 9 - Adriano Medeiros: Brazilian motoracer

Buckle up as we begin series two of the Christians in Sport Podcast with a visit to the high-speed world of motorsport.

Seeking career advice from an ex-Formula 1 driver proved a life-changing experience for Adriano Medeiros.

Hoping for some help to fulfil his dream of making it in the world of motor racing, the Brazilian instead began a journey of faith that is still shaping his exploits on the track today. Adriano thought Alex Dias Ribeiro might point him in the right direction to drive professionally overseas, but was told “I can help you meet Jesus Christ”.

Ribeiro was renowned for having ‘Jesus saves’ displayed on his car during his F1 races in the late 1970s. His meeting with Adriano prompted the younger man to look into this Jesus in the Bible and put his trust in Him.

Some 20 years later, Adriano is himself racing with his own ‘Jesus Saves’ team in the UK in the Classic Formula Ford Championship. Having grown up as a motor racing mad youngster near the Interlagos track in Sao Paolo, he is now looking to use the sporting gifts he has been given to make Jesus known.

Listen as Adriano talks about…

  • How he went from being “very against church” to finding faith in Jesus
  • His financial struggles as he sought to make it in motor racing
  • Racing hard and competing fairly as a follower of Jesus
  • The opportunities he has to share his faith
  • Bunking off school to watch the cars at Interlagos

And much more….

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