Can you be an elite sportsperson and a Christian?
Can you be an elite sportsperson and a Christian?

Can you be a Christian and an elite athlete? That’s the question we’re asking on this new podcast. Having met a series of elite sportspeople over the course of the year, we now discuss this key issue that comes out of many of the interviews. Maybe it’s something you’re asking yourself as you seek to follow Jesus or are considering doing so?

In this episode, Danno chairs the discussion as former Olympic rower Debbie Flood and ex-Premier League footballer Linvoy Primus explain how they realised that it was possible to combine elite sporting performance and Christian faith. Both Debbie and Linvoy are honest about the battles they faced in following Jesus at the highest level of sport, but they’re in no doubt this was what God called them to do and not only that – He enabled them to shine for Him.

During the podcast, we hear clips from previous interviews with wild man turned rugby coach Chris Jones, ex-England women’s hooker Ann O’Flynn and Paralympic sprinter Niel Louw. Each pose key challenges for elite sportspeople, in particular, and get our panellists reflecting on their own experiences.

Listen to this gripping podcast as the panel talk about:

  • Why do people say Christians should give up sport (2 mins 50 seconds)
  • How God uses every situation to transform us (4.10)
  • What it means to play for God’s glory (5.30)
  • How a referee’s warning to calm down felt like a message from God (6.50)
  • Using sporting gifts for God’s honour, not our own (13.00)
  • How it is that we can worship God, even at the highest level of sport (17.20)
  • What it means to play hard, but fair (22.50)
  • Learning to see your teammates and rivals as God sees them (25.20)
  • Reacting in faith when you ‘blow it’ (26.20)
  • How faith in Jesus made a real difference (29.30)

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