E61 - Alison Nicholas, The Solheim Cup Captain
E61 - Alison Nicholas, The Solheim Cup Captain

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Alison Nicholas is a British golfer who reached the pinnacle of the sport in a highly successful career as both a player and then later on as the captain of a victorious Solheim Cup winning team in 2011. In a fascinating interview with Graham Daniels, she talks about what it looks like to be a successful leader and coach in elite sport and how her faith has helped her throughout her golfing career.

0:00 Intro
1:09 How Alison got into golf
3:00 Progressing and joining the ladies European tour
4:32 The key influencers in Alison's life and golf at the top level
5:55 Coming to Christ through golfers on the European tour
18:36 Stepping up to join the LPGA tour and playing in the states
11:01 Winning the US open
13:30 Being ruthless in competition with dignity
15:03 Captaining The Solheim Cup and tough decisions
17:20 Captaining for the second time
20:45 Rigorous leadership
24:42 The contrast between leading and playing
27:59 Winning the Solheim Cup
29:25 Outro

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