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How can I start well at university?

Starting uni

6 top tips for kicking off your time at university

6 tips as you move from University to the world of work


How to make the transition well

How Do I make the most of my last month at University?


How do I reach my teammates with the gospel as uni ends?

In the race: Will's story

"My main reflection was that it’s so exciting to follow Jesus, it’s thrilling when we take seriously the truth that we are completely secure in him and so we’re free to take risks."

Living and speaking for Jesus in the world of goalball

Anna Tipton (nee Sharkey) helps us understand what it's like to be a Christian in the Paralympic sport of goalball

Preparation is everything

Preparation and waiting. The majority of sport is spent in these two states. This time of advent for the Christian sportsperson is no different. So what does it look like to prepare well this Christmas time?

Cricket is back!

As recreational cricket returns, Rob reflects on why he loves to play cricket and be part of a team, as the only Christian in his club.

Five resolutions for a Christian sportsperson

As a New Year rolls around again, we go back to the 18th century for some inspiration.

Running the race of evangelism

Distance runner Gill Bland reflects on her experience of individual sport and faith, and how she has grown in courage evangelising to fellow runners.

4 tips as you join a new club

How can we, as Christians in sport, make the most of the new opportunity joining a club provides? Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28 to make disciples remains the same, but the place we are doing that, our club, has changed.

Folau, Vunipola and the intolerance of the culture of tolerance

If you follow rugby at all then it couldn’t have escaped your attention that there’s been a furore around Israel Folau’s provocative Instagram post and then Billy Vunipola’s subsequent ‘like’ of the post and expression of support for it.

How do I share my faith with my friends?


What does it look like to fully integrate our faith and sport as we seek to encourage sportspeople to believe in Jesus?

How do I bring a sportsperson to hear the gospel proclaimed?


It’s good to look for every opportunity to speak of Jesus with our sports friends, and inviting them to events where a speaker will proclaim the gospel message can provide you with a good starting point to begin conversations.

How do I explain the gospel?


One of the reasons we don’t share the gospel may be because we don’t really know it! Here's a helpful framework to help you explain it to a sports mate.

How do I initiate a conversation about Jesus?


Most of us find it easy to initiate a conversation about sport, but the prospect of speaking to a sports friend about Jesus can be daunting.

How do I point people to Jesus in the off-season?


With the season coming to an end, it’s time to rest and reflect on what has been. Yet a danger comes when we do the same with our faith and our willingness to share Jesus with our sports friends. How do we best approach the off-season as Christians?

How can I help my friend become a Christian?


It’s great when a sports friend wants to become a Christian, especially if this is off the back of reading the Bible with them. However, we want to make sure our sports friends are ready to take this commitment and fully understand what they are committing to.

How do we make disciples for Christ in the world of sport?


The world of sport is vast, but the majority do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. How do we go and speak to them?

Why should I read the Bible with a sports friend?


God’s Word is powerful, and it will do His work in the lives of sportspeople. Our best thoughts, ideas or opinions, though useful, are still those of ourselves, of humans. They cannot compare to the Word of God in either power or influence.

What is our motivation for making disciples in the world of sport?


To make disciples of the vast world of sport is a huge challenge that can feel daunting and overwhelming. What’s our motivation for such a task?

How do I answer the tough questions sportspeople ask?


When sportspeople ask questions, we want to try and do more than simply answer them and move on. Often there is something behind their initial question, motivating it or hiding a deeper heart issue. How can we answer them well?

How do I develop lasting friendships with sportspeople?


Our friends need to trust us if we are to expect them to explore questions of faith with us. In order to build this trust, alongside spending time with people, we need to be authentic in how we live our lives.

How do I share my story with a sports person?


We love to share good news. So why do we sometimes find it hard to share the Good News of the gospel?

Why is it essential for me to share my faith?


For many of us, we struggle to stand out consistently for Jesus Christ in our sports club. Sometimes we lose sight of the spiritual/eternal implications of knowing Jesus. Why should we share the Good News about Him?

What is my role in pointing sportspeople to Jesus?


What is our role and what is God's role in helping sportspeople come to know Jesus? Understanding your role is crucial as you look to speak and live for Jesus in your sport.

The dilemma we can't ignore

Sport on a Sunday and the conversation parents and pastors need to have.