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The huddle every Christian sportsperson needs

Why church really matters for university students

How can I start well at university?

Starting uni

6 top tips for kicking off your time at university

6 tips as you move from University to the world of work


How to make the transition well

How Do I make the most of my last month at University?


How do I reach my teammates with the gospel as uni ends?

How do I approach sports team initations?


How much should I get involved? Should I even go?

There and back again. A story of faith and football in Aberdeen

At 2am, in a Glasgow nightclub, Dougie was out with his university football team when he asked Campbell, his teammate, whether he could go to church with him on Sunday...

In the race: Will's story

"My main reflection was that it’s so exciting to follow Jesus, it’s thrilling when we take seriously the truth that we are completely secure in him and so we’re free to take risks."

Locked Down - But Not Out

What does it mean to be a Christian in Sport during a lockdown that takes sport away? University of Exeter trampolinist, Natalya, shares her story.

Handling welcome drinks and socials

Starting uni

What should I do? How much is enough? Should I get involved or not?

A letter to my former student self

Starting uni

Three university graduates write to their former fresher selves about making the most of university.