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Our resources are specially designed for Christians active in competitive sport. Find what you need here, put it into practice, and watch God at work.

The thing we all get wrong about sport

A story as old as time itself

How can I start well at university?

Starting uni

6 top tips for kicking off your time at university

My eating disorder: Faith, sport and disordered eating

A personal and biblical reflection

How can I worship God with my sport when I'm not selected?


Wrestling with being benched every week

How do I maintain healthy family relationships whilst supporting my child in elite sport?

Supporting children in elite sport can be really tough on families

How do I approach sports team initations?


How much should I get involved? Should I even go?

Our Father is unlike any earthly father

Our Father does not need us to win. Our Father does not need us to make him look good. Our Father doesn’t shame us into working hard. No. We have a Father unlike any other.

What have we learnt about retirement from elite sport?

What have we learnt about retirement over years of working with elite athletes and how does the Bible shape our thinking?

The dangers of exercise addiction

As sportspeople, our relationship with sport and exercise shapes how we live. Training, competing and socialising with sports friends might well take up the bulk of your time, but have you ever stopped to think about your relationship with exercise itself?

Why church is so important for sportspeople

Three reasons the local church is so good for sportspeople.

The postpartum story I want to be able to tell you...

That is the story I want to be able to tell you. I guess that’s what I imagined my story would be. Maybe it’s yours. But it’s not mine. That’s not my story.

A letter to my body

For long years I could not conceive of conceiving because of what it would mean for my body and my sport. But, my body, don’t you see that something wonderful is happening to you?

Handling welcome drinks and socials

Starting uni

What should I do? How much is enough? Should I get involved or not?

Retirement, identity and mental health in elite sport

A recent article in the Daily Mail outlined the large number of British athletes struggling with mental health problems following their retirement. Speaking with UCB Radio on this topic, here is a summary of our conversation.

How do I share my faith with my friends?


What does it look like to fully integrate our faith and sport as we seek to encourage sportspeople to believe in Jesus?

How do I pray effectively for my sports friends?


Prayer is an essential feature of the Christian life and it is something we quickly turn to in times of trouble or when in need of guidance. So why do we often struggle to pray consistently?

How can I navigate the sports culture with integrity?


What does your behaviour in your sports club say about who you now are in Christ?

How can I balance church and sport?


We are often caught between Sunday services and sporting events as, more and more, sport in our culture clashes with timings of church. How do we get the balance right?

What does the Bible say about the drinking culture?

What does the Bible say about...

You want to be part of the team on and off the field, but you know the alcohol might be flowing and getting drunk will be the name of the game. If you’re a follower of Jesus, how should you react?