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No release - supporting pros out of contract

The world of professional sport offers little comfort to players amid contract negotiations despite this being an incredibly testing time.

E67 - Mental Health Awareness Week Special with Heather Lewis

Movement, mental health and implications for sportspeople from amateur to elite.

E66 - Jason Romano, the ESPN sports broadcaster

Reflections from an Emmy-Award winning producer in sports broadcasting

Scottie Scheffler's not so secret weapon

How the Masters champion's faith transforms his performance

E64 - Jan Achterberg, Former Long Track Speed Skater

Reflections from a professional long track and marathon skater

Klopp’s decision raises important questions for elite sport

The treadmill of professional sport leaves little room to rest.

E63 - John Bostock, Ballers in God

The player who started a movement

Why are sportspeople superstitious?

Reflections ahead of a huge weekend for the Rugby World Cup

E62 - Jennifer Tait, The International Volleyball Player

From the Volleyroos to Bible college

E59 - Bertie Kennedy, The Cricket Performance Analyst

Insights from a top-level cricket analyst

You are more than a football player

An open letter to players at the FIFA Women's World Cup

How 'Bazball' gives a glimpse of sports true purpose

England’s cricket revolution shows us something about how sport was meant to be played.

E58 - Fanie van der Merwe, The Paralympic Sprinting Champion

Thoughts from a multiple Paralympic gold medallist

Does God love Luton more than Coventry?

Both winning and losing are gifts from God...really?

E56 - Matthew Joseph, The Arsenal Coach

Thoughts from a top-level academy football coach

E55 - Anastasia Chitty, the Team GB rower

Reflections from an elite rower who chose not to do the Olympics

How can I worship God with my sport when I'm not selected?


Wrestling with being benched every week

How can I celebrate the wonder of Christmas when I'm constantly playing?


For pro athletes Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year.

Coping with the pressure of playing at a World Cup

Dear Friend, it’s Game Day in the World Cup.

An open letter to those not selected for the FIFA World Cup

Where is God amidst serious disappointment in sport?

Should I have reservations about sports psychology?


Is it OK for a Christian athlete to see a sports psychologist?

Ep. 49 - Tom Bates, Performance Psychologist: Killing the EGO

Insights from a top-level sports psychologist

This match does not define you

It’s the biggest match of your lives. It’s the match you’ve been building up to for years. But it’s a match that doesn't define you.

100 Nights in a hotel room...

Three encouragements from the book of Daniel for when sport takes you away from home.

What have we learnt about retirement from elite sport?

What have we learnt about retirement over years of working with elite athletes and how does the Bible shape our thinking?

Living and speaking for Jesus in the world of goalball

Anna Tipton (nee Sharkey) helps us understand what it's like to be a Christian in the Paralympic sport of goalball

Ep. 44 - Ashley Null: Olympic chaplain | Pastoring elite athletes

Five-time Olympic chaplain Dr Ashley Null joins the podcast to unpack his experience of pastoring athletes.

Dear Olympian...

A letter to all Olympians as they prepare to experience the rollercoaster of the Olympic Games.

A letter to the mourning

Olympic squads are being finalised. What can you say to someone who has worked 4 years to not get the call up?

Agony and ecstasy at the Olympic trials

This weekend saw the thrill of the British Olympic trials. The ecstasy and the agony of sport was palpable as athletes saw years of training for one plane ticket decided by centimetres and seconds. What help can God bring at times like this?

Serving the world of elite sport

Ever wondered what our work with elite athletes consists of? Men’s golf worker Kenny Crawford helps us step into the world of staff supporting and serving those in elite sport with the gospel.

Identity formation and performance in top level sport

Danno is interviewed by Pete Nicholas about elite sport, identity and mental health. This includes a Q+A.

Retirement, identity and mental health in elite sport

A recent article in the Daily Mail outlined the large number of British athletes struggling with mental health problems following their retirement. Speaking with UCB Radio on this topic, here is a summary of our conversation.

Inside the scrum: the world of an elite rugby player

What’s it like on the inside the elite environment of top level sport? How would it be to seek to play for Jesus in the world of pro rugby?

Why don’t we put famous sportspeople in the public eye?

Jonny Reid interviews Graham Daniels, the General Director of Christians in Sport about the principles behind our decision and how that plays out in practice.

The identity battle in a performance dominated world

For a sportsperson, their identity, their sense of worth can be completely wrapped up in their performance. What does it then mean to have sport in its right place, to help our identity be solid and secure in Christ and not based on performance?

What does the Bible say about sports psychology?

What does the Bible say about...

Psychology is a big deal in modern sport. From Steve Peters' now famous 'chimp paradox' to the in-house sports psychologists employed by many professional clubs. Now it is almost as common to have a therapist as it is a personal trainer. What are we to make of this from a Christian point of view?

Gospel growth in the beautiful game

It has been amazing to see how God has grown the work of supporting professional and elite-level footballers. Here, two members of our Performance Team explain how they are encouraging the next generation of UK footballers.

Why should elite Christian athletes get stuck into church?

Why should Christian athletes at the top level get stuck into church? Having met a series of elite sportspeople over the course of the year, we now discuss another key issue that comes out of many of the interviews

Can you be an elite sportsperson and a Christian?

Having met a series of elite sportspeople over the course of the year, we now discuss this key issue that comes out of many of the interviews. Maybe it’s something you’re asking yourself as you seek to follow Jesus or are considering doing so?

What does the Bible say about doping?

What does the Bible say about...

Turn to the back pages at the moment and it is difficult to get away from doping scandals. How as Christians should we think about these issues?