We get sport from the inside.

Our resources are specially designed for Christians active in competitive sport. Find what you need here, put it into practice, and watch God at work.

E65 - Gill Bland, The Marathon Runner

What's it like to be a mother and a top-level amateur runner?

Should I smoke to have gospel conversations with my teammates?

Your teammates head to the smoking area, what do you do?

Unwrapping Joy

What a cricket bat taught me about Christmas

Gone are the glory days?

Why stay involved in adult competitive sport?

Can god be glorified in violent sport?

Should Christians compete in combat sports?

What is Godly to wear in sport?


Does what you wear for sport really matter?

Should I use Strava?


Are activity-sharing apps helpful for Christians?

How can I start well at a new sports club?


Four top tips when joining a new team.

Strava: friend or foe?

Last year Lancs took his first steps to discovering the virtual pulls and mysterious pushes of Strava. Nearly 12 months on, what’s the verdict? Strava - friend or foe?

Cricket is back!

As recreational cricket returns, Rob reflects on why he loves to play cricket and be part of a team, as the only Christian in his club.

Ep. 31 - How the Bible went viral in a rugby club

Why should I read the Bible with a sports friend?

Dave and Mike speak about the amazing story of what God did in one rugby club through a series of Bible studies which went viral in the team.

Running the race of evangelism

Distance runner Gill Bland reflects on her experience of individual sport and faith, and how she has grown in courage evangelising to fellow runners.

4 tips as you join a new club

How can we, as Christians in sport, make the most of the new opportunity joining a club provides? Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28 to make disciples remains the same, but the place we are doing that, our club, has changed.

What does the Bible say about the drinking culture?

What does the Bible say about...

You want to be part of the team on and off the field, but you know the alcohol might be flowing and getting drunk will be the name of the game. If you’re a follower of Jesus, how should you react?