We get sport from the inside.

Our resources are specially designed for Christians active in competitive sport. Find what you need here, put it into practice, and watch God at work.

Bible Study: Matthew 25

Why is it essential for me to share my faith?

What is it that motivates you to stand out as a Christian competing in the world of sport?

Bible Study: Colossians 3

How can I be competitive in a godly way?

A key question to ask whenever we reflect on a competitive situation is not ‘did I win or lose?’ but ‘did I glorify God in my attitude and actions?’ This is easier said than done, so how can we do it well?

Bible Study: Genesis 1-3 & Romans 12

How do sport and faith fit together?

How does what I read in the Bible fit together with how I play my sport?

Bible Study: Philippians 2

How do I deal with pride as a sportsperson?

How should I view my sporting talents and achievements as a Christian?

Bible Study: 1 Peter 2

How should I treat officials and referees?

How are we to understand a godly attitude towards sports officials?

Bible Study: Genesis 2, Romans 12 and Hebrews 10

How can I balance church and sport?

We are often caught between Sunday services and sporting events as, more and more, sport in our culture clashes with timings of church. How do we get the balance right?

Bible Study: 1 Peter 5

How can I handle pressure in a godly way?

How do we handle pressure as a Christian?

Bible Study: Philippians 1 & 4

How can I deal with disappointment well?

There will always be disappointment in sport. Someone always loses - and that is not taking into account injury, being dropped, not improving, etc. But how we navigate these as Christians in competitive sport is an important witness to our faith in Christ.

Bible Study: Romans 12

How do I act wisely amongst opponents?

Competition is an important part of sport but how are we to view our opponents? Without opponents, our sport wouldn’t exist. But how do we ‘love’ them as our neighbour rather than hate them as our enemy in opposition?