Run the race
Run the race

You’re Born to run.

You’re Called to run.

You’re Determined to run.

Whatever your sport,

wherever your club:

this is the race you’re running.

It’s a race like no other.

It’s exhilarating. And unpredictable.

It will demand everything of you.

Challenges are inevitable.

Disappointment may overwhelm you.

You’ll need hands to lift you up, words to give you courage.

You’ll need others to train with, learn with, run with.

It’s not about glory,

it’s not about making history

This race is about sharing the hope you have

sharing the truth you believe

So fix your eyes on Jesus and run with perseverance.

This is the race you’re running.

Whatever your sport, wherever your club.

Let’s run the race together and make disciples for Christ in the world of sport.

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