Parenting the next generation
Parenting the next generation

Helping young elite sportspeople connect sport and faith

As a parent or guardian, there are immense joys and celebrations in walking with a child on their journey in elite sport. Watching them improve, mature and use the talents that God has given them. But alongside this comes deciding whether to go to church or a training session and having to deal with making sure enough time is spent with your other children amongst other things.

That's why we've pulled together a booklet to address some of the top questions asked by parents and guardians of Young Performance Athletes (YPAs) who find themselves in these situations.

You can download the free booklet here or head to our Pathway Parents Network page, fill in a short form and we'll send it to you straight away by email and get in touch if more bespoke support is available.

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The booklet looks at questions like:

  • How do I respond in a Godly way to my child's success and failure?
  • How do I help my child deal with the culture of elite sport?
  • How can I be distinctive as a Christian amongst other parents and guardians?
  • How do I keep Jesus at the centre when trying to balance church, life, family and sport?

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