Ep. 18 - Debbie Flood: Selfless leadership in an Olympic boat
Ep. 18 - Debbie Flood: Selfless leadership in an Olympic boat

Welcome back to the Leadership Files - series three of The Christians in Sport Podcast. This time, we head into the world of elite rowing as Danno catches up with double Olympic silver medallist and three-time world champion Debbie Flood. As well as her successful career on the water, Debbie’s leadership skills saw her become the first ever female captain of the world famous Leander Club.

Debbie shares how she strived to make the most of her own God-given gifts and talents while serving and supporting her teammates. She says: “I would always look at other athletes to see their huge capability and potential. Part of my motivation in leading others in the sports world was wanting them to achieve their potential as well.”

Debbie describes the difference her faith in Jesus made to her as a leader, how she looked to be an example to her teammates and the challenge to help others rather than tread them down in the cutthroat world of Olympic sport.

Listen in as Debbie talks about

  • Teaming up with those she had competed against for selection (6mins 35secs)
  • Applying the Olympic motto ‘higher, faster, stronger (12.10)
  • Rowing without fear for the ‘Audience of One’ (16.00)

And much more…

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