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The Big Match

All monthly giving just got matched. Be part of it.

There's nothing quite like a big match!

Christians in Sport started 40 years ago because we believe there’s a big match worth pursuing, one of eternal importance and urgency. We want to encourage sports people to discover Jesus Christ.

We're thrilled to have match funding available for every new and increased monthly donation until December 2022.

We'd love you to be part of this exciting opportunity.


How does the matched funding work?

Until December 2022 any new or increased monthly donations will be matched, e.g. If a new or increased donation of £10 a month was received in January 2020, then Christians in Sport will receive an additional £10 a month equating to £120 a year.

Why are you doing a matched funding campaign now?

Only 20% of our budget is received through regular giving (standing orders and direct debits) which can make longer term planning more challenging.

Our partners believe passionately in the vision. Together, we see the need for more regular donations and how matched funding could help. Always and in all things, acknowledging that we remain utterly dependent on God.

Is there a limit to the matched funding?

The limit is £500,000 and so new and increased monthly donations will be matched in full for the three years 2020-2022 or until the £500,000 limit has been reached, whichever comes first.

I currently give through CAF, Stewardship or another 3rd party platform, if I increase will the increase be matched?

Yes. We are able to track and record any increases from CAF and Stewardship.

What if I give one-offs but plan to do so regularly?

Thank you so much and continue to do what works best for you. But please pray through whether your current commitment could be changed to a standing order or direct debit.

Will the Gift Aid on donations be matched?

No. Only the donation will be matched, however if you are a UK taxpayer and can gift aid your donation you will be giving an extra 25% on your donation at no extra cost to you.

I have already increased my giving but want to increase again, will that be matched?

Yes, any increases to monthly giving, regardless of previous increases, within the 3-year period will be matched as long as the limit has not been reached.

Why doesn’t the match fund get donated directly? (aren’t you just restructuring a gift that would be given anyway?)

The matched funding is entirely new money and we would not have received these funds otherwise. The heart and prayer of our matching partners in making these funds available is to help grow the work of the gospel to sportspeople. They see with us the many opportunities we face and need to find more regular donors to support the growing work.

That said we understand this is the Lord’s work and fully acknowledge our dependence on Him for all things. This type of campaign is the first in our history and we are excited as to what it could mean as we seek to reach the world of sport for Christ.

I already give. How do I increase?

Standing orders can be amended in several different ways. The process varies slightly from bank to bank but in general you can contact your bank directly or:

Amend through your online banking:

If you have access to online banking or a banking app most will allow you to easily amend your payments just by logging in and selecting ‘manage my standing orders’ or ‘regular payments’ from the menu.

Set up a brand new standing order to compliment your old one or cancel your old one:

Simply do it online today through our easy giving page. Whatever the increase amounts to will be matched. Or contact us for a giving form and freepost envelope.

If you are unsure how to change a standing order please don’t give up but contact your bank in the first instance. Christians in Sport are unable to arrange increases or cancelations to standing orders with your bank.

Want to increase through a third-party platform?

If you give via a platform such as CAF, GoCardless or Stewardship you can log into your account and amend online. Alternatively, if you give via CAF or GoCardless, Christians in Sport can amend your giving if you instruct us in writing.

Any Questions?

For more information or to ask any questions please email partners@christiansinsport.org.uk